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 I Catherine McBurnie Officially Dedicated Tigers-Bay.com on this Day 6th January 2012 a Memorial to my Late Father & Mother, William  and Margaret McBurnie Nee Haddock.

Happy 63rd Birthday Mum love Cathy.

Tigers Bay North Belfast

 Tigers Bay North Belfast

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Tigers Bay.com North Belfast

 If two groups can't get on - Protestants and catholics - then how can multiple diversities get on


Tigers-Bay.com was established in the year of our Lord 2007, since it’s development in 2007 it has stood as a living Memorial to my Late Father William McBurnie, who saw many changes in Tiger’s Bay throughout his life and reminisced with me fondly, not only stories of the Bay but amazing stories also of Ulster, which was instrumental in the Webmaster developing www.ulsterni.com and bringing a whole new concept in Web Design.

For The People By The People

Perhaps amongst one of the major developments with www.tigers-bay.com has been that Members from British Forces Personnel Overseas Online have paid for the Web Hosting of Tigers-Bay.com.


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